Today I “won” the chance to goto a pre-grand opening of the new Best Buy in NYC. Someone at work couldn’t be there, so I guess they knew the store manager and he gave her a ticket for someone else to go in her place. She gave it away to the 3rd email respondent! I was it. It was cool. There was food, and you got to check out the store before it opened to the public. I felt all special getting in by invitation only! The best part of course was the discount. They had a one day deal that anything you bought that night was at the employee discount price. On some items that was a nice deal. I have wanted to get a LCD TV or Plasma for almost 2 years now. Every time I look at price they are way too expensive for what I want. Then to settle was not worth the money.

I wanted to get a 42″ HDTV plasma. They are way to expensive. I didn’t want to get an EDTV plasma at the same price. it just wasn’t worth it. So I decided to go with a 32″ LCD TV. I saw the price online and said with a nice discount I would be willing to buy it. I went to the store, found the TV I wanted and checked on the discount. I was blown away by the deal. I was all ready to buy it. Then a bad thing happened. I looked at the bigger TV next to it. It was a 40″ LCD HDTV. Beautiful, crystal clear, and WAY out of my budget. Then someone else asked the price of it after the deal. I was shocked at how good a deal it actually was. It was still expensive, but within my budget (barely) and a deal that I would never see again. I called my dad, since he wanted a TV also. We were going to go shopping in a few weeks anyway for one. I told him the situation and the price. I also warned him that the price was only part of it. He needed to get the extended warrantee since this thing was big and pricey. You don’t want to take a chance with it breaking. Then I told him he needed to have it professionally wall mounted. He said get it. Not wanting to abuse a special deal I said only if I can get more than 1. I asked and the staff was very cool. They were like yeah you can get 2. As I was standing there waiting to place my order there where several other people doing the same thing I was (buying 2).

I got my order in, and went upstairs to pay for it. It was allot of money for a spur of the moment item, but I have wanted one for so long, and the deal was not every going to be better, no matter what I kept telling myself. Now I can’t wait for it to arrive. They had to ship it to me. Something about not selling anything at the store since they wanted stock for the real opening later this week. I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to carry 2 TV’s home anyway.

I figured if I could get a nice

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