Do you know the best way to send a large file? Lets say a gig or bigger for argument sake? The answer may surprise you. Someone once told me they heard a CEO of a big bandwidth company ask that question. The answer wasn’t some whizzing technology. It was sneakernet. Don’t get the reference? Take the file and walk it wherever you need it to go. Part of our operations tasks is couriering around drives with updated data between offices. It is cheaper to do that then send over the internet a 100 gigs of data. I sometimes find it funny we do it, but it makes sense. With many servers of the same hardware configuration we can also build servers and send the drives to their intended location and plug them into a different shell. Old idea, but it never ceases to amaze me how simple and effective it can be.

Crazy the things you think about when your mind isn’t preoccupied with something!

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