We actually got together to play poker again today. I fared better than I did last week. I still didn’t win, but I was back to my old self. I had $40 on the table and came away with $38.50. Not bad when only 2 other people out of 8 walked away with anything. And only one of them had a profit. It was a John taking everyones money night. I was down for a while and happy that I came back in the end. If people would play hands I stayed in on in the end I would have had a profit. I had 2 (count them 2) full houses near the end and no takers even after I tried to slow play them. I won’t complain about losing a buck fifty. To me that is a wash.

I personally don’t like the style of play that went on. Everyone seems to bully people out of the game before the flop. John does it, and since he is effective at it everyone seems to emulate it. With 2 cards you have nothing, don’t bet $3 and before the flop and then bet nothing after it. It makes you look like a dick. That is just my opinion.

Overall it was a decent night. Hopefully we can play again before December!

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