If anyone has every told you security is convenient for you, they are lying. Security is very inconvenient. The more secure something is the more difficult and or expensive it is to use. it is much harder to support a group of people you force hard passwords on vs a group you let set a password to anything they want. You know I am right. People give lip service to wanting more security, and when they are given it they don’t like how hard it is to use whatever system you secured.

Take for example something I read a few months ago that said AOL was offering a secure ID like FOB for people to enhance the security on how they log onto their accounts. I have used Secure ID’s for years (i haven’t used it in years, but I have used them long ago, they are not new) and it is not some new wiz bang system. Will the masses use it? probably not unless they are forced to. Do you really think that (i always use my dad as the example) my dad would carry around a keychain secure id to just log into AOL? He would screw it up and get frustrated inside of a week.

Westchester county in NY is trying to legislate securing Wifi networks. In principle it is nice that the county is trying to protect citizens, but come on! Do you really think a person or small business that is ignorant enough to put up an unsecured WIFI network will be compelled to register with the county and secure the system just because there is a law saying it. Hello people this won’t do anything but piss people off and generate some revenue for the county. Like I said before, security is a myth. You cannot legislate the population into security compliance. If you could people in rural areas won’t still leave their houses unlocked and keys in the car!

This of course will be the problem going forward with everything becoming digital. The more secure you try to make something, the less mainstream it will become, but the more mainstream something becomes the more secure it needs to be to protect the public.

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