I did a trip to the “other” office today. Due to return trip train delays I didn’t get back into the city until late. The pouring rain didn’t help. As with most of these trips they are productive, but not in the traditional sense. I get allot done with people, but I usually can’t get any of my own projects done. I did allot of talking with people to see how certain things were progressing, and that is as detailed as I can get.

On the plus side I didn’t get a headache. That is a plus since I tend to get them when I do this trip. I also think I napped a bit on the train home. I had my iPod on and I think I dosed off for a while. I fought not to fall completely asleep, but the trip seemed to end allot faster than it does when I am awake.

Since I had the such a long travel day I got nothing else done on a personal level, unless you count watching some TV I had on my DVR from last night.

If you are wondering the 10:35 is the amount of time elapsed from the time I left on the train this morning until the time I returned back at penn tonight. And yes I got bored on the train and kept track.

Overall a good if not wet day, but I for one will be happy to be back in my office tomorrow.

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