I haven’t been in the mood to write this week. I have been busy. I have had plenty to write about but just not motivated to write. So what is the recap of the week…

Meetings galore on Monday. The usual stuff, but they always seem really long. I am do not handle long meetings well. I get bored quick I guess. I survive though.

Ended up meeting Kristen for a few drinks at a decent Jazz club Monday night. Then I went home to cut our IM server over to a new hardware and a new version of software. All in all that cut went well. A bunch of client issues on Tuesday but nothing major.

Wednesday was my travel day I mentioned in my last post. Thursday felt like friday. I spent most of my day working on ensuring everyone in my group was on top of their assignments. Friday was allot like thursday and then there was the misc troubleshooting, and recapping my boss on everything he needed to know about the Wednesday trip.

Jayson and I left a bit before 6 today and hit the Outback. We had appetizers like we did years ago. Got full and went home early. I wanted to get a haircut but by the time I got home it was too late. I will get up early tomorrow before I have to goto the office and get one. I wrapped up the day by cleaning up my apartment a bit, and putting away my laundry that came back from the Laundromat.

In general a normal week. I will try to write more this weekend on specific topics, but I like recapping what I did, if not for anyone but myself!

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