Today Jayson and I spent most of the day rewiring a cabinet in the office. Try as we might these cabinets get super messy with cables everywhere after a while. We rewired this same cabinet over a year ago but it looked horrible again. The issue is that we keep putting in and taking out different kinds of gear. The cables get really messy.

To keep things cleaner we moved the PDU’s, rewired all the electrical, moved some servers to different racks, and took out the thick analog KVM cables and replaced them with IP KVM’s that run over regular CAD5. The result is a much cleaner rack. That and everything is neat and tied down helps. We next need to get the electrical guys to come in and add some more circuits.

We still have to clean up the mess of cables and old servers we pulled from the cabinet, but we can do that during the week.

The work was messy, and we came in on a Saturday but the results where worth it!

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