Today we went to Gramercy Tavern for lunch today. Jayson had the idea earlier in the week. Neither of have ever been and it is supposed to be rated the best restaurant in Zagats. My review is that it was awesome. We ate in the tavern. We thought the main dinning room was a bit too fancy for us, and we weren’t dressed for it. Of course the price difference for lunch was also a factor.

I of course had the fillet. it was really good. I also tried Jack’s Fresh Bacon. I am not kidding when I tell you the bacon melted in my mouth. it was fantastic. As good as the bacon appetizer I had at Peter Lugar’s a few weeks ago.

I like going out to a nice sit down lunch every once in a while. In a previous job we tried to goto Angelo And Maxie’s every month, but that was years ago. I liked doing it. It wasn’t cheap but it was always nice. I am thinking of bringing back the tradition. Just going to the diner every once in a while just wont cut it.

Back to my original reason for the post. I am putting Gramercy Tavern on my favorites list in my Zagat’s! Good call Jayson!

On another note the other day it looked like there was a fire at Angelo And Maxie’s. There where fire trucks blocking 2 blocks of Park Ave South the other day. Since I like the place I feared the worst. Turns out they looked like they were open the next day. Others said they were open that night. Not sure exactly what happened, but it doesn’t look to be as bad as the dozen or so fire trucks first led me to think!

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