Lots to do this week, but for some reason there felt like a little holiday lull. I guess it is the short week. We had a release explode on us twice in the past week (the same release on two different nights). that was fun getting a call from Danny at 11PM Monday. I am also trying to get a deal finalized for a new network switch. Getting to the right price is always interesting.

Our new batch of servers finally arrived Wednesday with more on the way next week. We also got the licenses for our copies of Vmware’s ESX server so we can build those out.

I also had the electricians in the office to spec out adding another couple of circuits to the computer room. They think they can do what I want, but will have to play around with the power a bit to get as much juice as I need. With this power upgrade done we will max out the room. Any further expansion most likely will have to go somewhere else.

The rest of the week was taken up by paper work and project plans!

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