I spent the day at my parents and their friends house for thanksgiving. My dad for some strange reason decided to sneak into the hospital and get some work done. I took the train to his office and drove with him home. It was easer to do that than take the train to Flushing and meet him there. I hung out at my folks place for a while while my mom got ready. Tried to fix my dad’s computer. That ended in me deciding I am giving him my Mac Mini for a month to see if he likes it. I said I would do that before, but this time I will do it.

We went to my parents best friends house for thanksgiving diner. It is a tradition we have done for as long as I can remember. Tonight was the smallest gathering I can remember. For whatever reason instead of having the 20-35 people for dinner (and about a dozen more who come over for desert) we had a smaller turn out. There was about 12 adults. Small enough that we had a sit down dinner. That was a first also. We normally do a buffet. it was funny that everyone there was commenting how nice it was to not have so many people.

I am not a fan of turkey, but I had some. I also had a few sides. I didn’t go hungry. For desert there wasn’t any chocolate cake (another first) but Jared’s brother baked fresh cookies so I ate those.

I almost fell asleep on the couch from the turkey. Jared did fall asleep on the couch. My dad and David would have if it wasn’t for the Cowboys game.

All in all a nice night with the family, minus my sister, Mike, and Morgan who are in Florida. We spoke for a little bit on the phone but she was getting ready for dinner. I told her to make sure Morgan got me a photo of her and Mickey.

My dad drove me to forest hills so I could catch the subway home. Since we started eating so early I actually got home at a normal time. I was tempted to stay later and watch Swingers with Amy but that would mean I would not have had a ride home. Sorry Amy, but transportation is always first priority. She has gotten me tempted to put my copy of Swingers into the DVD player. Hmm, that is a good idea…

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