Why are there so many stupid people that take mass transit in NYC? Today I found my breaking point (aka the point where I stop being quiet and taking all the retarded people and start talking back to or commenting at the morons). It took being forced off the train due to switching issues and waiting for 20 minutes for bus’s that I couldn’t get onto and then forced to walk 20 blocks to the 59th street station to take a different train to work.

While I was waiting for a bus there was a huge line. I was like the 4th or 5th person on line. Not bad, until you factor in bus’s that couldn’t fit 1 extra person on them let alone 5. So when a bus pulls up I was slightly ticked off when this older lady behind me blatantly cuts in front of me and a few other people to try and get on the bus. After being delayed like 30 minutes already I opened my mouth to point out there was in fact a line. The lady played dumb for a while then got back in line. I mean come on. F–king idiots. Then some old guy in front of me started telling me how I should always respect my elders and I should have let the lady in front. I told him to mind his own business. I am all for helping an older person with a walker or someone clearly in need of extra assistance. But I am not going to yield for every “older” person who thinks they are entitled to cutting people waiting for ages just because they have some years on me. I am not trying to be mean, but when dealing with a public system (like the bus) NO ONE is special. Get over it. People are just inconsiderate, and don’t realize they are not the center of the universe. If they did people wouldn’t stop and tie there shoe in a crowded subway stairs, or get off an escalator and stop to look around with 100 people behind them. Also fat people would not push in front of you to get on a crowded subway car and then push there way into the car where it is clear there is not a reasonable amount of room for them. And then the idots standing at the door of the train would actually move further into the car allowing others to get on. The moronic tendencies go on.

I am glad I now know what has to happen for me to finally speak out against stupidity. It actually felt good. A weight lifted off my chest.

I actually got to work only about an hour late, but I felt like I sat in a steam room for that hour. I would like to say the rest of the day went better, but it didn’t.

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