This weekend was a busy one. I had my cousin Merric’s Bar Mitzvah yesterday. I rode out the Jersey with my sister and Morgan. For a 3 year old Morgan was so good during the service. She played with her stickers and was generally quiet. After services we drove to the party. I had a good time. I had a few drinks, and ate allot. I saw tons of cousins that I never see. After a party like this it becomes apparent why I don’t see some of them. On the other hand there are always a few of them that I wonder why I don’t get together with more.

Morgan and my cousin’s Arrielle and Cerina were dancing like crazy. They were all so cute together. My 5 year old cousin Jonathan only wanted to play with with the girl in the red dress (aka Morgan). it was very cute.

I didn’t dance, since I am not into that unless I am very drunk. But the food was really good. We where invited back to the after party at my cousins house, but my dad was tired and his back hurt. So we headed home. Since my nieces birthday party was today in Queens I stayed at my parents Saturday night. The trip from South Jersey wasn’t so bad, but my dad and I ended up waiting for my mom and sister at my sisters building since they had to stop and ended up going a different way that had some traffic. The rest of the night was uneventful.

This morning I got up early and went to breakfast with my dad. From there we went to cosco to pick up the birthday cake. Morgan’s party was at a gymnastics place. 15 running and screaming 3 year olds was not my thing, but for a kids party it was nice. I got to video morgan and friends doing some really funny stuff.

I got a lift back home from Carrie’s father in law. It was nice not having to take the train back. We are all meeting at Loren and Andrew’s place later for dinner. Since their place is just 2 stops on the train from my place I am not complaining. Overall it has been a good (if not tiring) weekend so far.

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