Personally I don’t (see title). But the term sounds cool, and most people don’t get it. Julius Ceasar had a bad day on this date in 44BC. Generally this is the first of a 3 day holiday (self proclaimed) for me. It begins with a normal day March 15, that happens to have a cool sounding reference that was used by Shakespeare. Only other significance for me is it is the day before my birthday! Other stuff happened on March 16th. The Wikipedia has yet to list my birth on their page related to this date. I assume it is just an oversight. That is supposed to be a happy day. That is the middle day of this holiday. And to cap off the 3 day gala event is St. Patrick’s. Recently this is the day I can drink to excess claiming it is a holiday, but really because I am a year older. Who am I kidding. I am a light weight drinker anyway!

No major social events positive or negative happened today. Work was busy. See the work blog for more info. I returned the PCI DVR card I bought last week since it was having major issues with interference so sound was terrible. I tried everything I could think of to fix it. I am back down to 1 tuner for the DVR. I am researching my other options now.

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