Today we meet with the first possible integrator for our new phone system project in our NYC office. They presented us with their first proposal. The price they came back with was very high! We had them change the design and take out a bunch of stuff to try and slice the quote in half. We shall see what they come back with again. I also await a quote from the other integrator we are looking at.

I also meet with people regarding a pilot program for open office 2.0. we are going to roll it out to 30 people at the call center to see if it will not only replace open office 1.1 for the call center but also possibly replace Office for people who have it. We estimate it will save us allot of money. Can’t say how much but it is not a small number for us. Our CFO heard great things about it from my boss who is trying it out, and then heard the cost savings and wanted to know when we could get a test done! We are taking this one slow, but we believe the return on the investment in this open source product will be huge.

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