Today is my birthday. I am now very much into my 30’s at 32. It was a relatively normal day. I got a ton of backlogged work done with Jayson out in the morning, and not many people dropping by for requests. A bunch of people from work took me out for lunch. I got a bit sick on some ice cream in the afternoon so I passed on dinner with Jayson and Danny.

I got the customary calls from my parents, sister, cousins etc. My favorite was the voice mail from Morgan singing me happy birthday. I missed the call but now I can keep the VM for a while. She is so cute.

My sister guilted my parents (my mom) for canceling our dinner plans for sunday so they are back on again and we will all meet in the city for dinner. Personally I didn’t care that much if they canceled, but my sister was right in saying the correct thing to do was to go to dinner and not do whatever emergency plans they had.

The birthday present I wanted didn’t happen. I was hoping my watch would be fixed by now. Saturday marks 7 weeks since it went in for repair. I will call them tomorrow to check on it. My other Speedmaster has been filling in nicely but I am still slow on the analog only watch:(

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