Yesterday was a roller coaster ride of a day. I had a tons of issues to contend with at work. Jayson & Danny where off because of work done during maintenance Friday morning (for those of you that don’t understand that, when you do work on a website you need to do it on off hours. That means like 1AM EST. By the time you are done and home it is like 5AM, so you don’t get up for work normal time the next day.) Of course Jay was up at 10 not sleeping so he helped a bit remotely, then Danny shows up around 2:30 since he didn’t want to stay home.

Semi related problems to the work done Friday morning plagued us all day but where annoyances more than major catastrophes. Can’t go into more details here. Then we had other minor issues that where fun to deal with while down two people most of the day. Jayson ended up coming into the office at like 7 with gretchen so we could goto dinner. We didn’t get out of the office till like 7:30, and headed over to Heartland Brewery for dinner and hopefully drinks. We stumbled upon (well she was stumbling) Gretchen’s old boss going to another bar. She obviously got off work and had a head start with the festivities.

We had drinks, food, and then desert at the brewery. It sucked that Danny had to head home early! I got really buzzed off of 2 drinks. All I can say is that I predicted it in my birthday post. Jayson’s no alcohol vow from Gretchen’s friends wedding last week lasted a whole 5 days!

I got home late and was so tired and buzzed that I didn’t couldn’t write last night.

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