After a distressing call with Tourneau yesterday I decided to show up at the store and find out what exactly is wrong with my watch. To may an agonizing story short they screwed up and the watch was still at Omega no work was done on it what so ever. I got the run around for a while, then I started to raise my voice and get a bit pissed off. The service manager stepped in and finally explained the situation since the regular worker was giving me the run around. When he said he couldn’t tell me when I would get it back until he called the service center monday I told him that was totally unacceptable. He gave me the option of taking the value of the watch I bought and buying something else. I originally thought about asking about that but I originally didn’t really want to do it. When he offered that I saw that as the only way I could get something without waiting another month and a half. Since I bought the watch used I figured I would spend more and get a new watch of the same model. At least it will have the manufacturers warrantee on it. I was then told that Omega didn’t make that model anymore. I told the guy that was a bunch of BS since they prominently advertise it on their website. He gave me store credit for the watch still in repair and then told me he would call me on Monday or Tuesday after he called Omega and found out if he could still get the watch.

I got sorta lucky and got a call a bit after I got home from the store. Turns out I was right and they still do sell the watch and I could order it and have it in 2 weeks. It cost more than I anticipated, but I still wanted it so I told them to order it. Hopefully in 2 weeks I will have my brand new Omega Speedmaster X-33 and my crazy repair drama will be over.

I now eagerly await the call from the store telling me the new watch is in…

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