Tonight I went with my dad to Best Buy to get him a new computer. He has been complaining about the Mac Mini I had him try. Turns out not OS X is not for everyone, no matter what good intentions I had! We meet up by my apartment and took a cab to Best Buy. We found the computer he wanted easy enough, but they didn’t have it in stock. We then went to the next Best Buy in Mid town. Turned out they had it in stock so we bought it. Shopping with my dad is so easy. We usually don’t go shopping unless we know what we want, and when we see it we just buy it. If we don’t see it we check one or two other places and then go home. No fuss, no muss!

I will configure the computer this weekend and deliver it to him on Sunday. After we dropped the computer by my place we hit an italian restaurant by my house for some dinner. It was a quick and productive evening. My dad was happy he got a new computer and that it was a quick drive into manhattan and back home again.

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