I was at my parents place today to finish my dad’s computer upgrade. My mom had me come out there earlier than I originally planned since she was worried that the work would take too long. Boy was she wrong. Since I did most of the loading of software and moving files at my apartment on Saturday we were done setting everything up in like 45 minutes. I ended up just hanging out in my dad’s La z Boy watching an old Bond film waiting to go out to dinner. Man can you fall asleep in those chairs. I almost did like 3 times, then I couldn’t walk for 15 minutes since my legs where so relaxed (and blood deprived) from being reclined for 2 hours. It was nice and comfy.

We ended up meeting Carrie and Morgan in Forest Hills for dinner at this little restaurant on Austin street. It was decent food and I got to see everyone except for Michael. I am just glad that the whole computer upgrade is completed. I hopefully wont have to worry about that again for another 2-3 years!

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