I was all ready for a nice night in Saturday when Jayson called and said John was meeting up with them and going to a bar in Queens. I figured what the hell, since I was done building my dad’s computer and I didn’t have to be up early Sunday. I got dressed and headed over to Jayson’s place. We all went to a decent irish pub by Jayson & Gretchen’s house. We hung out and drank, ate, and talked for hours. It was cool. I am still a light weight and got very buzzed off of 2 Jack & Cokes. Well I knew I was a light weight and I hadn’t eaten for hours when I had my first drink and a half so I guess that is a possible excuse!

It started raining when we left the pub so I tried to catch a cab, vs the bus or the train. I didn’t believe Jayson when he said that I could catch a cab easy on Queens Blvd. I was getting ticket off when I saw no cab’s for like 5 minutes, and then the first cab that showed up was empty and I hopped in. I got home very quick and the fare wasn’t too bad. Beat waiting for the bus and then trekking to the subway or just waiting for 2 trains late at night on a Saturday!

Overall a good night had by all!

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