Today I got my a new powerbook. I know I just got one back in December but when you get the opportunity to upgrade you take it. Someone in my group was getting a laptop and he was going for a powerbook. He was going to be happy with any Mac laptop so I had the chance to go to the same 12″ powerbook I had but get a bigger hard drive. I figured why not. Now I have a maxed out 12″ powerbook with 1.25 gigs of ram and a 100gig hard drive. I should be ok for a while! Andrew is also happy sporting my old (4 months) 80gig model. This new computer is my 5th (if I counted correctly) 12″ powerbook, and most likely my last since the Macbook Pro’s hopefully will have a smaller model soon.

Moving to this Powerbook was a breeze. I have upgraded mac’s before (as you can tell by the number of Powerbooks I had), but I never used the migration tool that Apple has when you register the computer. This time I figured I would give it a try. Man will I use that tool again. All you do is plug in the old computer to the new one with a firewire cable and it copies anything and everything you want from it. It got all my applications, my user profiles and settings, misc files on the hard drive, and anything else I could think of. The only issue was 3 applications required re-install’s. Besides that it worked flawlessly. And it took about 2 hours to copy 50gigs of data. It was amazing. Yet another reason I am a Mac fan over Windows. Wow, a few years ago I would never have believed I would say that let alone put it in writing.

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