A funny thing happened when I was looking at this sites statistics. I found people finding my site from an unlikely source, VMware’s blog site. Looks like someone over there found my March 27th post about a P2V. I thought that was very cool. Especially since I don’t get tons of hits to the site. I think they have great products, and I don’t mind telling people about them. I will just as easily say really bad things about bad products. See previous posts for really bad rants! Knock on wood, that P2V I wrote about is still running perfect after several weeks. Allot of people where skeptical about the Windows server not performing properly after the conversion to a virtual machine. My group was confident, but it was a hard sell to some. Now the skeptics are glad we did the conversion, and don’t worry about the app anymore.

The reference on the VMNT Blog got me wondering why in recent months after I changed the site’s URL why am I still having allot less page views than in the past. I used to have 5 times as many hits with the old domain name. I gave google a while to spider me and still no change. Kind of weird. I don’t mind that much since I write this stuff more as a journal than for recognition. In many ways I go out of my way for anonymity!

In other Virtual news for me I have Parallel’s Beta 4 installed on a brand new Intel Core Duo Mini at work. So far that VM product looks great. I can’t wait for a final version to come out. Anything to let me run Windows on my Mac without rebooting. I am still holding out hope that VMware will make a Workstation product, and maybe a management console for GSX & ESX server. Until then I think I will get by on Parallel’s, but one can dream for the future!

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  1. You have also been added to my feed-of-feeds on MacBigot.com; so you may see a little cross-action from there every time one of your posts whizzes by. Glad to see another Mac and Cisco fan!

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