With my new Macbook I find 54 wifi networks in my apartment (See the first page of them in picture below). it is crazy. With my iMac or Powerbook I found only like 9. The antenna is that much more sensitive on this new Macbook. Now I have to find out how many of them are open with good signal strength. I also need to make sure my own wifi network is not getting bad signal strength because it is sharing a channel with too many nearby networks.

54 Wireless Networks

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  1. I have found that KisMac is invaluable when scanning for open networks (especially rogue access points on my corporate network that need to be quashed…!). Very quick, very stable.

    Lets you know what level of encryption, whether protected at all, often the manufacturer of the access point, etc. Also lets you connect detection events with a GPS unit, if you have one installed — so that you can map a larger geographic area.


    It’s free, too (so far)! -Dan Oblak (MacBigot.com)

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