I had a job interview today. It was my first since I decided to start looking for work. It looks like it will be my last also. The place seemed awesome. The manager and VP that interviewed both seemed cool and had a direction they wanted to take the group over the next few years. I never can gauge how I do on interviews. I have thought some have gone great and they ended up not landing a job offer. Other times I think I tanked it and got offers, or call backs. Go figure. This go round I thought it went really well but lost some hope when they said they were interviewing for another week and would let me know next friday. I should have read through that since I have said similar things when interviewing people, and they also said they have been trying to fill the post for months.

The recruiter called a few hours later telling to expect an offer later or tomorrow. He then called back and said to expect a formal offer tomorrow but he gave me the numbers they were offering and asked if I could give notice tomorrow and start 2 weeks from monday. Of course I wanted the job but I told him I would think about it and call tomorrow.

Since my parents are out of the country on a cruise I spoke to my sister about the whole situation. She is in the tech field anyway so she is a good choice to talk to. She agreed that it was a fantastic opportunity for me. It was the first interview I went on but it was also a very exciting possibility for me. Technically I did turn down another job from a friend on Sunday, but I never interviewed for that. The more I thought about it, I wanted an established company like this offer gave me, vs a startup like what I turned down Sunday. I think I made the correct decision.

It was ironic I got the call from the recruiter when I did, since Jayson, Danny, & I were at a recruiter looking at candidates for replacing them, and Andrew. This recruiter was also going to talk to me about possible positions for me when we were done, but I didn’t have to do that!

We found three possible candidates for the positions we want to fill, but I don’t know if Bob or my CEO will go for the prices they are looking for. That is part of (but in no way the only reason) why 3 people are leaving in the first place.

Now all I have to do is wait for the written offer letter and tell work tomorrow. I wonder how that will go? 4 guys leaving out of a group of 6 with one other going on leave for 6 weeks is going to cripple operations and no one seems to realize it.

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