The building I live in has an exclusive deal (aka monopoly) with RCN to provide Cable & Phone service. That sucks for me since I am paying more for less service than I had with Time Warner. I am home sick today so I decided to call RCN and make some changes I have wanted to make on my account. I never watch HBO so I wanted to save me the $10 (yes ten bucks) on that, and I also wanted to see if I could get a HD DVR box. The good news is I can get the DVR. The bad news is I have to pay $50 for them to install it for me. First of all I need someone to bring me a box, not install anything. I don’t want them touching my TV. Second, they were like you can come in and get the box yourself if you want. I am up for that. The only problem is in the biggest city in the country they only have one office. It is only open monday through friday 9AM – 5PM and they close for an hour at lunch time. I don’t get how a service place like that can operate like that. OK so I will go with my existing cable box and get the new one. It isn’t because of the $50, it is because they couldn’t tell me when they would be able to send someone out to me.

My next issue I had was the actual process of removing my HBO. The first guy that I got on the phone right away was more than able to add services to my account, but when I wanted to remove something I had to get transfered to the “retention department”. So I waited on hold for 10 minutes before I got someone on the line. Now both CSR’s were very friendly and helpful. I am not bashing them, I am commenting on the company. I feel there is a difference. This new retention CSR was more than happy to take off my HBO, and even try to throw in some promos to keep me spending. I didn’t bite. During this process I have to have my package upgraded since I was on an old package deal whatever that really means. So my account gets upgraded and she removes HBO from my account. Then the CSR tells me what my new monthly total will be after tax’s. I was surprised since it was within $1 of what I was paying for the exact same service with HBO. I question the rep on this and she magically is able to change my plan again (still the exact same features minus the HBO) and I am now saving the $10 I though I was saving by removing HBO. So even if the rep was helpful and friendly I have to wonder if I was intentionally getting screwed? How can they do some magical plan changing and then remove a feature from my account and I am paying the same amount as I was before? It just sounds shady to me. I need to wait for my next bill or two to see how this really plays out.

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  1. We had Starpower, which became RCN. Starpower had amazing customer service and even called us once to reorder our package so that it would be cheaper. I called for service once and the guy was at the house in 30 minutes! With RCN, the price seems to go up every time I call to point out that the cable is not working. Last night, when the cable modem was not working, the tech help line had a busy signal. A busy signal?! It’s a phone company for chrissake.

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