I was once told that it takes someone three months or so to fully adjust to a new job. I have believed that theory that it takes that long to be a fully functioning member of a new team, but personally I haven’t put that theory to the test for some time. Of course that was because I was at the same job for almost 6 years. That was until about 2 1/2 month ago.

This week I started to notice that I am able to take on more responsibility and a more active role in my team. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing anything for 2 1/2 months, but what I was doing before was specific tasks and projects. Now I am starting to grasp the bigger picture and taking a more active role in shaping that big picture. Then I looked at my calendar and saw that it has been more than 2 1/2 months since I started. I proved my own theory right. I does take about 3 months for everything to fall into place. It may take me many more months to fully understand everything but I am now feeling more connected to what is going on. And to be honest it actually feels good. It is also weird that it doesn’t feel like that much time has past since I moved jobs, but looking at my calendar proves my gut feeling wrong. How time can fly.

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