While waiting for the train the other day I got to thinking about some of the technology I use everyday that you don’t think about. Stuff that is just there and works so it is unobtrusive. That type of technology is the best kind, but like I said I don’t really think about it.

The first thing that came to my mind is my Tivo. I have always loved my Tivo or any other DVR I have had, but now a days Tivo is just like a cable box to me since I don’t have a cable box. Tivo just works. It is part of the TV experience for me. It almost never needs to tinkered with. It just blends into the experience, until I go somewhere that doesn’t have Tivo and then I wonder what I used to do before 2001 when I didn’t have a DVR.

My sonic tooth brush is next in my mind. Yes, it is just a tooth brush, but it is a mechanical device. It works so well I don’t know what I did before I had one. I don’t like to travel since I don’t carry it with me when I do. As with the Tivo it just blends into my world that you don’t realize it is there until it isn’t.

The same affect my Tivo has on TV seems to be happening with my new Kindle. It is just like a book with unlimited pages that I leave in my bag and can take out to read whenever I want. It is no longer a piece of technology, but a tool to read that to me is becoming no different than a paper book. That is the difference between a device like the Kindle and lets say my mobile phone. I use my mobile all the time, but it hasn’t turned into a Kindle or Tivo just yet. The new Nokia I have is close, but not yet. Phones, and computers I have or had are great but they require work to keep going. For example I haven’t had to reboot my Kindle because of a problem, but I do that to my smart phones, or even my Mac. As much as both have changed how I live my life, neither a computer, phone or other device has the same effect as the three devices I just mentioned above. There are others, but I think my point is made.

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