The latest device I am trying is the Treo 750. Well technically the Centro was the last phone that I bought, since I had the 750 before the Centro, but I still have the 750 where the Centro is returned already. I haven’t tried a Windows Mobile phone since I tried the HP iPaq 6515 back in 2006. I was hesitant to try the Windows Mobile Treo since I had such a bad experience with the iPaq, but I heard decent things about the Windows Mobile 6 OS, I liked the form factor of the Treo 750, and frankly I was running out of alternatives.

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  1. I am in the same boat. Long time Treo 650 user, but it fell in the bath the other week!

    I replaced it with a Nokia E90 – Syncs with the OS X, and 90% works with BluePhoneElite 2 apart from the Talk Thru feature. However, I am used to the speed of Palm OS and Chatter Email and the GUI just seems slow and unintuitive.

    Have you had any other ideas about what phones to try? I may go and replace my Treo 650 with a 680 but am now worried about it’s stability đŸ™‚

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