My previous theme on this blog has been around in some for or another for a few years. I have wanted to change it for some time but frankly I hadn’t found a better one to switch to. I had used a stock theme from Typepad for a while but the column for the blog content was too small even on a large monitor. Because of that I kept going back to my old custom blue theme. It at least had a flexible column setup so if you read the site on a larger window the columns would resize to fit accordingly. Well I finally found a new theme that I wanted to give a try. It isn’t as flexible as what i had but it doesn’t suck as much as the other ones i have tried. It also looks nice! It was this or try the radicle option of doing my blog over in WordPress on my regular hosted site account (that is still something i am pondering).

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  1. James, it is not as simple as that. First it is not my ISP that I would host the new blog. I pay for a regular web & mail hosting provider that i can put Wordpad on. It is a bit much to pay for Typepad and a hosting provider but it has worked out in the past. Typepad offers simplicity and requires no real effort from me. Self hosting or using a hosting provider that I need to manage the software can be a pain. That is why I stopped using Gus’ blogging server and went to Typepad in the first place.

    I still may give it a try, but I am paid up on Typepad until almost the end of the year so I have time to decide what to do.

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