A few weeks after it came out I broke down and bought Grand Theft Auto 4. I have never played any of the other versions of the game, but I heard tons of good things about it and I was done with Mass Effect. If I haven’t said this before on the blog I will say it now. I am not a gamer. The stereotype for a guy in the Technology field is to be the huge computer geek and gamer. I may like my gadgets and all, but I have never been a hard core gamer. I didn’t buy my first gaming console until around two years ago. That being said, recently I have found that I do enjoy to spend some free time on the Xbox 360. What is funny is I know people that their lives revolve around the games. For me I will play if I have free time and nothing else to do. It is a great escape, but I cannot play for hours. It gives me a head ache.

So what does all that have to do with GTA 4? Well in my free time recently I have been playing, and it is fun. That game is so funny because it takes everything that is wrong with society and goes to the extreme with it in the game. Some of the stuff that goes on is almost comical. For the record I do not believe that game is for kids, but I don’t see why people wanted to totally ban it.

On a final note, I am glad I drive better in real life than I do in that game. I go through like 3 cars a day in GTA 4!

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