Since I started blogging back in March of 2003 I have had several names for my blog. I have had even more URL’s for it. From the first site I had on, to hosting with Gus, to the several iterations of the site on Typepad. When I switched the name of the blog to Powerpedia back in April 2005, I also changed the URL to it. I did this mainly because I needed to distance my blogging from my day to day internet usage such as email, and my personal website. This was because of pressure from my employer at the time who had bad opinions about blogging. Well I should clarify that it was the CEO only who had a problem. HR, and my boss the CTO didn’t really have an issue with it, but you do what the boss wanted. This was the time I started moving posts related to work to a private blog. New posts about work that were a bit detailed went onto the private site. Even after doing that I was still a bit paranoid about “the wrong people” finding my site I went to great lengths to get rid of any direct references that would identify me. I know that is not really possible but I tried my best.

More recently I have wanted to reverse the steps I had taken to be anonymous. It was recommended to me that by saying who I am may not be such a bad thing. For one more and more people are looking into peoples web presence when recruiting. That and over the past year I have been becoming more involved in online social sites. From Linkedin for work to Facebook for friends. And yes for dating. Having a presence on the web that says who I am and displays my opinions and ideas might be a good thing. Now it can still be a bad thing, but I have always considered myself an upfront and direct person anyway so why should I care if someone researches me and finds this blog anyway? The biggest concern is what an employer or prospective employer might think. I have been sanitizing what I talk about with regard to work for ages, and the stuff I do talk about I think shows off the cool and interesting projects and the honest trials and tribulations of my job.

That being said I have moved the URL for this site to a domain name that I use for most other uses on the web. The new site URL is This change also breaks all old links on This was inevitable. The old site layout always forced any URL for the entire site to be I didn’t like the added sub directory blog, but I never realized what I did to force that. After looking into the domain mapping settings in the Typepad FAQ I figured out I had setup to be the domain for all of blogs and picture blogs on the service. I didn’t really care about that so I adjusted it so the new URL just pointed to this blog. Any other sites I have on Typepad (I can have 3) will get another URL. This means that the switch from to also caused the directory structure of the site to change. That means no old links will work. I have setup a redirector so if you type in the old main URL of it will redirect you, but I doubt that RSS feeds or other links will work. That is what I get for progress!

The name of the site will still remain Powerpedia, because I like the name and it is still catchy.

The next step for this site is for me to actually say who I am. I know it is no big mystery, but it is a big mental step for me to simply say my name in writing on this site and click post! That should happen soon, I hope.

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