Today I have been home trying to fight a cold. Instead of listening to the usual play list I have on iTunes I decided to tune into some streaming radio instead. So far it has actually been pretty good change of pace. I have used AOL Radio before, and it has been pretty good. Today I am using my almost never used XM Radio login. I can really tell the quality degradation on my radio stream vs a downloaded song. I am going to see if I can tweak the quality at all? I have been making a list of some songs that I might actually go and buy since I liked them! In that way AOL Radio is better than the XM Radio via the browser. With AOL you can click on a link and bring up the song in iTunes to buy. Of course I don’t buy from iTunes anymore (I use Amazon) but it is a good idea.

UPDATE: Apparently you can buy music you hear on XM using Napster. Unfortunately I won’t use Napster for two reasons. 1 I have a Mac. Secondly I don’t want to pay for a flat fee for music. I would rather buy the music outright. Oh well.

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