I had to work this weekend. It wasn’t just work, but I had to be onsite at a data center for all of Saturday. I can’t and won’t really talk about what I did, but it was allot of waiting, and then allot of work. During a lul in the work I left a little before 9PM. I got home before 10 and was back on a conference call regarding the work that was going on. Unfortunately things took allot longer than originally anticipated and I had to get on another call at midnight. It didn’t end until after 4AM.

I vaguely remember getting to bed around 4:30 and was up by 9:30 freaking that I slept past an alarm I had at 9AM for another call. Thankfully that call never happened anyway. I ended up working for the majority of the day until after 5. Thankfully everything worked out ok, but things were dicy for a while. I really would like to talk in more detail but I am mindful of the sensitivity of what I work with. So nothing more than the vague descriptions I gave.

Thankfully I was able to get a little rest in tonight before sitting down to write this. Now it is off to bed.

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