Today was a hectic day at work. I was in the office and my NY (NJ) team was also in. That means even more meetings than normal. Well, not really since every day this week was 100% filled with some meeting or another. After work there was a meet and greet at one of the other offices downtown. I walked over with some of the people from my office. It was a nice get together. I got to meet a few people I never have actually meet, but have spoken to on the phone dozens of time. That is always nice.

I had to cut out of the meet and greet slightly early to head uptown. I meet Beata and two of her friends for dinner at the Kobe Lounge. They had a restaurant week price fix going on. I never have done the restaurant week thing. I am not a fan of the limited menu’s of the price fix. This was good since if there wasn’t a price fix there is a good chance wouldn’t have ever gone to eat there. The food was fantastic but I don’t see the value of spending a ridiculous amount of money for a few ounces of special beef. My typical thinking is as long as i can still find a good steak for under $50 I am happy. What can I say I have simple food tastes! Overall I had a blast. I think I got along well with Beata’s friends and like I said the food was really good.

I took tomorrow off, but I still have to get up early to goto my accountant so I am now off to bed.

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