Since I was being lazy Friday night, I watched a bunch of TV. I went through my Tivo and watched a bunch of stuff I missed since I had plans most of the week. After watching most of the good stuff (still a ton of crap on there) I watched some semi live TV. I say semi live since I don’t start watching anything until it has been on for at least 15 minutes so I can safely fast forward through the commercials. Gotta love Tivo!

I ended up watching the first episode of Dollhouse. It was pretty good, but lets see if Fox cancels it like they did the last Joss Whedon show. For now it is programed into my Tivo.

I also watched the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica. It was really good this week. I though John Hodgman as the brain surgeon was great. I loved his little bit of comedy in his scenes. I am not sure if he was supposed to be funny but he was. The regular doc is always funny so he fit right in.

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