To me the title of this post is a question and a statement. I am not writing, and I am not really sure why? I have a ton of stuff I want to and can write about, yet I am not. I can only attribute it to I am not in the mood. Over the past few weeks I have sat down to write a few posts and then haven’t finished them. I have a bunch of drafts sitting in my Blog editing client (ecto if you are wondering) but nothing finished yet.

I will eventually get to them. I go through highs and lows with posting. Not two months ago I had a queue of posts pending to be published. Oh well. In my writing absence my blogging experience had a birthday. It turned 6 on the 23rd. Wow, I can’t believe it has been six years since I started writing online. I also had a birthday. Well that is all that really went on since it has only been less than three weeks since my last post. Just feels like longer.

More soon!!!

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