While I am happy with my new LCD Monitor arm purchase, I wasn't done with just that. The mounting of my Dell 23" LCD was the first part of a larger project I have had. For almost 2 years I have wanted to upgrade my main system setup with a bigger monitor. I first went the all in one computer route and got a 24" iMac in March. Even after I put all my problems with the iMac behind me (in the end it was working perfectly) I decided the all in one route wasn't what I wanted. So here I am at the same place I was almost 2 years ago. I want a bigger display. First my Mac laptop (Black 13" Macbook at the time) didn't support the 30" monitor.

Then the 13" aluminum Macbook came out and it did support the 30" display. Problem was the cable to make it work wasn't out. Then I waited since everyone said the 30" Apple display was getting refreshed (it didn't).

Then I went with the iMac. Well I just sold the iMac and am back to a laptop being my main machine. I am now running a 13" Macbook Pro. It can power a 30" LCD. At first I looked at 25" and 27" options. The 27" panels I saw didn't do very high resolution for 27". They only had 1920×1200 resolution. Not much better than the 23 & 24" panels I have used. I didn't want to go with the 30" since they were really pricey and every one of them had trade off's. I finally saw the HP 3065 had good reviews with two minor issues. One was that it was DVI only. That was almost a show stopper for me but I ended up not caring since HDMI and Display port might be getting big, but I figure there will still be adapters to DVI for the next few years (heck VGA is still around so I have good odds). The other was lack of adjustment of the display other than color but I don't typically do much adjusting beyond that. The price was expensive but much cheaper than the Dell or Apple alternatives so I went ahead and ordered one.

The reason for the quick action was because I had always said if the first monitor arm I got worked out I would get a second one. My desk is setup in an L configuration and I have two display setups, basically a work and personal setup. With my work setup finished I told myself I would finally decide on what to do with my personal setup. My major reservation has been the questionable reviews of the Mini Display Port to Dual Link DVI adapter Apple sells. Most but thankfully not all reviews say that the adapter is crap and makes thinks look like crap. The 1.02 firmware release of the adapter is supposed to be better but it is still a crap shoot. I didn't want to roll the dice but I finally broke down and am having faith the setup will work.

In order to hold such a large monitor I had to get a different monitor arm. This time I went with the Ergotron MX Desk Mount LCD Arm. Their sales people emailed me back pretty quick to answer my questions about weight and size panels so I went with the MX for the larger display. I am hoping that setup works out as well as the LX model I setup yesterday.

My new kit (monitor, arm, cables, etc) arrive later this week. I am hopeful it sets up without issues. When that is done I think my desk upgrades will be done. In the end I will have spent a ton of money, but as my dad says you can't take it with you and I do use everything for work. Working from home 2-3 days a week got me to think about having the best organized setup I could think of. Well that is how I rationalize it anyway. Photo's and a full breakdown of all the upgrades when everything is in place.

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