Today was the day that my parents and M’s parents met for the first time.  We decided on Sunday brunch to bring everyone together.  I will be honest and say I was a bit nervous.  I think I get along with M’s parents great, and my parents love her but just getting them all in the same room for the first time you never know what anyone is going to say.

I didn’t have that much to worry about.  Or I should rephrase, I think I had plenty to worry about but everything was as close to perfect as you can get in a situation like that.  We picked a really nice brunch place in mid-town.  It was a really good buffet and all the parents were on their best behaviors.  All in all a good meeting.

After the brunch my parents drove us home and they got to see the apartment for the first time.  It was a brief visit since they had to run home, but at least they got to see it.

The rest of the day was much tamer than the early afternoon and M and I just hung out and got work done around the house.

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