July was a busy month.  We picked a date for the wedding and set the venue.  We are set for January 8th, 2012 at The View on The Hudson.  We are very excited.  The View looks fantastic and the view itself (of the Hudson) was spectacular.

As the month came to a close we also decided on a photographer.  Well actually it is two photographers.  We were very impressed with Shelley & Keith and are excited to see how awsome they make us look!

M is also pretty sure she has found the florist she likes for the wedding.  I say M has done that since officially I don’t want to be associated with a decision on a floristh.  Ok, he does look pretty fantastic so we are excited.  As luck would have it who we are ending up with is someone M has used for years, and if it wasn’t for his website we would never have found the View on the Hudson as a venue.

We also spent some time with Jayson working on engagement photos.  Jayson is over achieving as the best man and took us out to the campus of Vasser College when M & I were visiting for Seth’s birthday party.  We got some great photo’s around the campus.  We may still get photos with our wedding photographer duo since the package we picked included it but the pic’s Jayson took came out fantastic!

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