Today M and I went upstate again to visit a different friend. One of her best friends since growing up was visiting her parents lake house and we decided to go up and see her and her kids.  She is not around too often since she lives near DC.  Getting there was as painful as going to Jayson.  It was 90 minutes on Metro North.

The house was amazing.  it was right on the water with a pool.  We had a great afternoon.  I will say that houses with kids pack the best snacks.  M and I were very well fed.

After the lake afternoon we headed back into the city to meet up with M’s oldest nephew, and in 6 months my soon to be oldest nephew and a friend of his who were in town for the weekend.  We ate at the Shake Shack.  As always it was delicious.

Once we were full from burgers we pondered about were to go with the out of town college kids.  Once we realized that Ryan’s friend never has been in a tall building we headed to The View at the Marriot.  Even for people who live in NYC, having drinks on the 48th floor in a revolving restaurant was pretty cool.  We had a good evening and it was fun taking the “kids” around the city.

We cabbed it home since it was late and we were pretty lazy!

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