I am in the technology field. I think about stuff that not many other people might. Take for example naming schemes for your computers. Until recently most people only had one or two at home and probably had generic names for their stuff. I have worked in environments with hundreds of servers and other devices. Dealing with numbers like that you think about how to name things. For me that got me thinking about how I name all the deices at home.

At Partsearch in the beginning Gus twisted my arm to name stuff with some sort of meaning and avoid a utilitarian scheme. As a history major I opted for naming things for WWII naval ships. Our web servers were battleships. Our database servers were air craft carriers. Our production database servers were all US Carriers involved in Midway. you get the picture. That decision was universally disliked. I was almost pretty happy that everyone wasn’t happy since in the end Gus just gave up and let me name everything with a more formalized structure that I wanted all along.

Before the experience at Partsearch coming up with a standard like that I named my computers at home each as a planet in the solar system. My desktop was always Mars, my server was Saturn. Back then I only had two computers at home (typically) but if i had more i always followed that standard.

After dealing with thinking up a standard I read about how different people did it and I changed what I name stuff at home. I started using names of space shuttles and then generally any space capsule name NASA has used. My main laptop has been Endeavour for years. I have had Atlantis (still do) and Discovery for a while as servers or other extra boxes I have had sitting around. My main desktop was Odyssey for years, now it is Aurora.

I write about this topic now because after I got M a Macbook I have had to deviate from that structure a bit since she gets to name her own machine. It is funny to see how other tech people I know take great care in how they name their equipment and then how non tech people don’t think anything about it. To me this topic was funny to think about.

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