Tonight M and I met up at Bryant Park for a quick dinner before going to work on our wedding registry again.  We got sandwiches at Witch Craft.  It was really yummy as always but we almost got drenched when it started to rain.  We got luck and weren’t too bad off.

After our brush with water we headed up town to Crate & Barrel to work get to work on our wedding registry.  We went to Macys already but there was a bunch of stuff we wanted to get from Crate and Barrel.  Their process was as easy or even easier than Macy’s.  We got the bar code reading gun and a tutorial and off we went.  I think we rounded out what we needed so we were very pleased.  We almost didn’t realize the store was closing and had to leave at 8:30.  As a rule when they stop playing music it is time to go.

Afterward we walked towards the train station but made a detour to Dillan’s Candy Shop for some Ice Cream.  It was a great end to a very productive and fun day.

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