After going to Crate and Barrel with M to do the wedding registry I became very interested in an espresso maker / milk frother. I have been using a Flavia machine to make Capuchinno’s for over 2 years now. M can’t stand it. She thinks it is brown water. Lets face it, it only makes OK coffee. I really wanted to find an easy to use and clean up coffee maker that will also make Capuchinno. I knew stuff was out there but hadn’t found anything that was cheap enough and easy enough.

On Thursday the sales lady at Crate & Barrel showed me a Nespresso Espresso machine that also had a milk frother add on in the back. It looked generally easy to use and I had heard good reviews of the Nespresso coffee makers.

Last night and this morning I did some more research online and went to Wiliam Sanoma this afternon and asked some questions. Once I was done there M and I went to the Nespresso Cafe on Madisson. One of the advantages of living in a big city is if a company is going to have an outlet store it will be in NY.

The Nespresso Cafe was pretty cool. It was a real cafe were you could get coffee and pastries but it also sold the coffee machines. I asked a bunch of questions and then they actually made M and I cup’s of Capuchinno using the model machines we were looking at. They tasted great. I opted to get a regular Espresso maker and a seperate milk frother vs the all in one unit. The price was the same but we wanted to have two units in case there was an issue with one so we don’t have to replace the whole thing.

M surprised me by buying everything since she owed me an anniversary gift. I will take delicious coffee over jewelry any day.

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