Saturday M and I were planning on visiting a judge we are interested in being the officiant for our wedding. I was very concerned about the weather based off of what I was reading about the hurricane and the travel advisories. M was less concerned but I was worried that if we woke up Saturday morning and the weather was bad we wouldn’t be able to cancel our Zip car reservation. Because of those concerns and not being sure if the bridges would remain open if the winds got bad Friday night we canceled our zip car reservation. The judge was very understanding.

Saturday we planned on doing stuff in the apartment since we canceled our plans and figured it would be a good idea to stay home. Those plans plans got shot to heck when my mom called to see if I wanted to goto my cousin Derek’s wedding. He had a few cancelations due to the weather and wanted M and I to come. In our family to keep numbers down the 1st and 2nd cousin’s (my parents) are invited to stuff but all the kids are on the B list or else it would be too many people. I wasn’t offended at not being invited, but I totally forgot the wedding was Saturday. M and I talked about it and even though we (mainly me) didn’t want to travel upstate in the morning that we would risk going to long island at night for the wedding.

We got there just in time for the service and had a good time at the party. We left right after dinner to try to avoid the weather getting too nasty. That was already too late. Halfway home it got really bad out. I asked M if we were really stupid to be out if almost no one was on the road. The LIE was basically empty. That was almost scary. Thankfully we made it home without incident, except our strained wits if that counts?

Today I had several calls with work to review the status of things related to the weather. I am always amazed at how organized were I work is regarding incidents and disasters like this. It makes for many calls on the weekend but in the end thing weren’t down with any of the products i support so i was very happy.

Now M and I are relaxing on the couch. I am blogging and she is working on the wedding registry. I find it a bit cure that we both have Macbook’s (M on the 13″ Pro and me on the 13″ Air) on our laps listening to music. It is a nice relaxing end to a crazy weekend.

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