Today was the first day back in the office since before Sandy.  I got up early since i was concerned about the commute as well as the fact that I had an early meeting.  The trip in to work was fine.  I even got a seat for part of the way.  The guys I work with in NJ didnt fare as well.  Some had 3 hour commutes.

Before I headed home I went to get a hair cut.  That delayed my leaving Manhattan till after 6pm.  I am not sure if that was the reason why the subways were packed, but I had to wait a while for the train and then it was super crowded.  The train also moved a lot slower than normal.  Due to the storm projected to happen tomorrow I am going to work from home tomorrow.  My mom is supposed to come over and watch the baby while MC has a doctor apt.  If she can’t get fuel I want to make sure MC can still go.  Add the storm to the mix and I think its the smart choice to work remote.

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