On my road to a lower weight i have learned many things about food and about myself.  Recently the biggest things I have learned are who are my enemies.  I didn’t think I had many of them but I have learned that not to be true.  Early on in my weight loss mission I learned French Fries were not only not my friend but they were evil.  They became nemisis number one.  For years we were so friendly.  I ate them and they kept being so tasty.  Now they are generally what makes a meal ok to wow I will gain weight tomorrow.

This past month I learned of another rival, the once so nice cake.  MC has been making test cakes for Teagan’s upcoming birthday parties (we are doing one for Family and one for Teagan’s friends).  Being a good husband and father it was my duty, no responsibility to sample the test cakes.  What I learned was two fold.  One, MC makes fantastic cake but I kinda already knew that.  The decorations are pretty amazing.  Two, cake is now my nemesis.  Granted I ate 3 slices in one day of the first test cakes but I didn’t expect to gain over 2lbs doing so.  It took over a week to get back down to the weight I was before I ate the cake.  I know I need self control but it is not my fault my enemies are so tasty.  I am great if I just dont have any and stay away from it.  That is what I do with fries, but cake is harder to resist after I have one small slice I have to have more.

I think I need to fast leading up to Teagan’s birthday.  That is my current solution for birthday cake problems that are in my future!

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