I have been very pleased with my weight loss to date even if it doesn’t feel like I lost that much. Many people that see have been saying it’s visible but I still have a belly for doesn’t feel like a lot to me. That changed today when I was drying my hands after using the bathroom at work and my wedding ring fell off my finger into the garbage as I was throwing the paper towel. Thankfully the garbage was only paper towels and was able to dump it out and hear the ring hit the floor. I was very grateful to be able to get it back so easily.

I knew the ring was a little bit looser recently but I had no idea how loose it was until that event happened. From what I’ve read it’s actually quite difficult or impossible to have a ring size smaller. It’s easier to get it bigger but from what I can tell the only way I can get it smaller you have little balls added to the inside to account for the extra space. I need to bring it in soon to see if that can be done. Until then I am playing Russian roulette every time I wash my hands. Of course on the plus side I do feel like the weight loss is working now!

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