I have had my current Sony Bravia 40″ LCD TV for 8 years.  I got it at a huge discount as part of a Best Buy store opening I got to goto working at Partsearch.  My dad got the exact same TV but his broke at least 3-4 years ago.  Mine kept on working.  It even won out against MC’s tv when we merged our stuff of course I didn’t think there was much contest since she had a 27″ CRT or something!  Over the past year or two I have noticed dim marks in a pattern in the middle of the tv.  At first MC didnt see them but then they became more apparent.  She didn’t think there was any need to replace the tv and in reality it works perfectly well.  The dark spots got me wanting something bigger and newer.

Last holiday season i decided to take all the gift money i got and put it towards a new one.  The only problem was picking the right one.  Good reviewed LCD TV’s were more than i wanted to pay even if I could afford it.  I wasn’t sold on Plazma even though everything i read says that the new generations of them are really good and much cheaper than LCD.  Burn in horror stories of years past still stick in my mind so it was back to LCD options.  Then I found what I wanted but it wasn’t released yet.  Finally I got my head in the game and the model I wanted was on the market after what felt like several months (because it was several months from announcing them at CES to them being able to be purchased).

So yesterday after work I went to the store to order my new Vizio 55″ M series.  I did in fact goto Best Buy.  I am not a fan of that store anymore but I wanted the TV professionally mounted and they had better options that I know people have had good luck with vs ordering from Amazon.  I also went with a Vizio TV.  Several people have said they are built like crap.  I am hoping the online reviews are correct since many of them say they are good value TV’s.  I don’t need earth shattering features.  This TV comes with 3d and “smart” functionality both of them I don’t even want.  I don’t care for 3d and my smart features will be gotten from my Sony Google TV that probably is better than the built in functions.  The price was much better than more popular name brands like Samsung and Sony.  Interesting during my research I found that Vizio actually sells a ton of TV’s.  I am hoping the TV lasts and is as good as CNet said it was.

I looked at both the 50″ & 55″ but I opted for the 55″.  My official reason is my eyes aren’t the best but when I was in the store with both TV’s next to each other the 55″ looks huge compared to the 50.  I am hoping not to have to buy another one for a while so i figured i would get the biggest I can fit on my wall.  The 55″ will just barely (fingers crossed) fit on the wall space we use.

The earliest they can deliver it is on the 16th.  I can’t wait to plug it into my Bose speakers and give it a test drive.


After years of pondering if I should get a new TV, and months of finally saying yes I will get one I finally went out and ordered a TV today.

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