Amelia may have some shady activities going on that we don’t know about.  She loves to take her Paddington Bear stuffed animal out of her room.  We don’t like either of the girls taking their favorite sleep time animals out of the room for fear they get even more attached to them.  In my mind this is justified by the fact that both girls attempt to take them all over.

Teagan has gotten better about leaving her favorite monkey in her room.  Amelia will take her Paddington out and act all nonshelont about it till she gets caught.  Other times she will be sneaky in a way only a 1 1/2 year old can pull off.  Recently I have caught her smuggling Paddington out of her room in a small bag she uses as her “pocket book”.  i love that she thinks she can pull a fast one on us, however I am wondering were she is getting all these ideas from.  I am curious what kind of side activities are going on in those toddler meet ups?

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