One of the major challanges I have had with my TV / Media Center setup has been that in order to use Plex and my Google TV device for my media archive I needed to have two remotes.  One universal remote (Harmony One) for all my compoents except for the Sony Google TV.  This has been a minor annoyance for me however MC would prefer a simple setup.

She has been ok with the 2 remote setup but as I attempt to get rid of our Tivo and move to a different way to watch and record live TV i want to ensure we simplify and get everything down to one remote control.  I have settled for now on using Kodi for everything TV related.  Kodi has a plug in for Plex to allow me access to my media library.  It also has a plugin for HDHome Run to allow live TV streaming from the cable card HDHomeRun PRIME.

I got harmony home control to work with Kodi on Mac using Flirc and my tv with Bose.  Getting everything to run on one remote proved challenging but I got it working well enough to be ready to turn off the Google tv / TiVo setup I have.

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